5 Reasons to do Pilates during Pregnancy

  1. Stay Safe- Aerobic exercise can be challenging for pregnant ladies especially during the later stages of pregnancy due to the baby’s need for greater oxygen and the extra load on the body. Morning sickness can also be an issue during the early stages of pregnancy making intense exercise uncomfortable. Pregnancy Pilates is gentle and can be done at a reduced intensity making it a great form of exercise during Pregnancy.

Remember that you must get permission from your doctor before you start Pilates when you are pregnant.

  1. Stay strong– Our body needs to be strong to handle the weight gain during pregnancy as well as the increased demands after the birth. Breast-feeding, nursing and lifting the baby in and out of cots, prams and cars can be stressful on the body so it’s important to stay as strong as possible. Pilates is great for strengthening the body.
  1. Reduce Back Pain– Spinal curves increase during each trimester as the body’s centre of gravity changes when the belly grows. Pilates can help by reducing stress on the spine through strengthening and stretching appropriate muscle groups.
  1. Stay Cool- Pilates is mostly done indoors which can be cooler for the body especially in the summer months.
  1. Stay Toned– Pilates is great for toning the body as it works on individual muscle groups.

Note Make sure you go to a small group class or do a private Pilates session if you have never done Pilates before. If you would like to try an online Beginner Pregnancy Pilates course that is designed specifically for each trimester, click on the link below. I hope you enjoy it! Please send me any questions that you might have. Fleur 🙂 

Beginner Pilates Course Link

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