About Me

Dr Fleur Castlereagh is a Chiropractor, Sports Trainer and she recently finished studying Journalism.

Her passion for health and sport began as a teenager when she realised that she loved to run and jump, so she took up athletics and basketball.

A painful back injury at the age of 13 resulted in several months of treatment and from then on she developed an interest in Chiropractic and back care. Her pain eventually resolved and she continued to train as an athlete.

Fleur went on to study Science at university and then Chiropractic.

During that time she was training extensively for Heptathlon and suffered another back injury, a lumbar stress fracture.

Fleur had several months of treatment and rehabilitation and made a full recovery. She began competing in Long-Jump after the injury subsided and competed at State and National level.

Currently, Fleur works in a medical practice and treats injuries on the field for soccer, athletics, basketball and rugby.

Her experience as an athlete and a Chiropractor has enabled her to treat back injuries with a unique approach that aims to get the injured back to training as soon as possible.

Fleur’s Journalism studies have helped her to communicate her back care knowledge in a way that is very effective.

Her recent project is a Spine Health Program. The aim is to teach people how to prevent back pain through video tutorials and practical advice.

Fleur hopes to educate and inspire people to take care of their spine and be pain free.