Increased Lower Back Curve

Many people have an increased lower back curve (lordosis) and this can put stress on the spinal joints, ligaments, discs and muscles. In the long-term this can cause chronic pain and stiffness as our spine is designed to have a neutral curve so that there is even stress throughout the spine.

Increased Lower Back Curve

Reasons for an increased lower back curve include:

  • a genetic predisposition
  • weak muscles such as the abdominals, hamstrings and gluteal muscles
  • tight muscles such as quadriceps, hip flexors, adductors and lumbar spine erector spinae muscles

It may be beneficial to strengthen the weak muscles and stretch the tight ones to decrease stress on your lumbar spine. Overtime this may decrease your lumbar curve and reduce lower back pain.

Below is a video that demonstrates a few Pilates stretches and strengthening exercises for you to try at home. They are designed to decrease stress on your spine if you have an increased lumbar curve. I suggest you do them a few times a week to see if this helps you. If you have any pain while doing them stop straight away. Good-luck! 🙂

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