Pilates Core Training For Back Pain Sufferers

Pilates training is great for preventing back pain.

Over the last few months I have been studying mat Pilates so that I can teach.

Previously, I attended Pilates classes for several years while I was competing and training in athletics. During that time I felt my core strength improve dramatically as well as flexibility. Pilates also helped me to overcome a serious back injury.

So, now I am able to help other people improve their strength and fitness through Pilates.

In the video below I teach the basics of working your T-Zone.

What is your T-Zone?

The T-Zone is a Pilates term to describe your deep abdominal muscle (tranversus abdominis) and pelvic floor. It must be activated during all Pilates exercises to stabilise the spine and pelvis. Strengthening this zone will also give you a flatter stomach, stronger core and less back pain.

Now watch the video below and see if you can activate it.

Stay tuned over the next few months as I will be releasing more basic Pilates videos.

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