Standing Pilates For Less Pain and To Tone Your Body

Stand-Up and Try Standing Pilates

Some people find it difficult to exercise down on the floor due to pain, dizziness, pregnancy or lack of space.

Standing Pilates can beneficial for several reasons:

  • The standing exercises are practical and similar to our everyday movements and activities.
  • Most people sit all day at work so it is great to stand-up and exercise.
  • Standing Pilates will improve your balance, posture and strength….which will help reduce back pain and injuries.

Take is slowly to begin with and make sure you think about your technique rather than rushing through the program. This video is all about the quality of each movement, rather than the quantity. If you have any feedback leave your comments below. For more videos check out this link: Tone and Strengthen 

Note: Feel free to lean one hand on a kitchen bench or wall to begin with…if you are finding it hard to balance.

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